Training Academy


Session 1: 11/2 - 1/22   (9 weeks of training)

Session 2: 1/25 - 3/18   (8 weeks of training)

Both Sessions: 11/2 - 3/18   (17 weeks of training)


Sycamore, IL

Sycamore Community Center

480 S. Airport rd.

Dekalb, IL

Sports and Rec Center

1765 South 4th Street


Level 7 - elite

Ages 14 +:  for high school players who are serious about improving and are looking for an elite level of training

Level 6 

Ages 11-13: for middle school players who love the game and aren't afraid to do what it takes to be great.

Level 5 - advanced

Ages 8-10: This level is for players who are more skilled and have a desire to be great players.  The technical skills taught and practiced in this level are more difficult than the intermediate level.  Players need to come prepared to work hard and be challenged.  If you are a beginner, this level is not for you.

Level 4 - intermediate

Ages 8-10: This level is for players who are new to the game or players who love soccer and are looking for basic skill development in an environment focused on fun.  Players in this intermediate level will get exposure to basic technical soccer training with a healthy dose of fun and games mixed in.

Level 3

Age 7: Players begin to work on more difficult technical skills as well as positional field play, weak foot training and juggling

Level 2

Age 6: an introduction to basic technical trainingwith a healthy dose of fun and games

Level 1

Ages 4-5: a structured program for young players who love to run, kick and dribble and have a blast while building confidence and learning the fundamentals



Saturdays  @ Sycamore Community Center

Level 1: ages 4-5                                                     10-11 am    (with coach Matt)

Level 3: age 6-7                                                        11 am-12 pm  (with coach Matt)

Wednesdays  @ Dekalb Sports & Rec Center

Level 5: ages 8-10 advanced                            5-6 pm     (with coach Mike)

Level 6: ages 11-13                                                 5-6 pm     (with coach Jairo)




Session 1 - Saturdays

Nov: 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23     -  *no class 11/30

Dec: 12/7, 12/21                               -  *no class 12/14, 12/28

Jan: 1/4, 1/11, 1/18,


Session 2 - Saturdays

Jan: 1/25

Feb: 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22           - *no class 2/29

Mar: 3/7, 3/14


Session 1- Wednesdays

Nov: 11/6, 11/13, 11/20                 -  *no class 11/27

Dec: 12/4, 12/11, 12/18                 -  *no class 12/25

Jan: 1/8, 1/15, 1/22                          -  *no class 1/1


Session 2- Wednesdays

Jan: 1/29             

Feb: 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26

Mar: 3/4, 3/11, 3/18



  • 2 kids in same family - 25% off both kids  (coupon code Sibling2)

  • 3 kids in same family - 40% off all 3 kids (coupon code Sibling3)

  • To sign up for training with a sibling discount, you must enter the appropriate coupon code above for each kid at checkout

  • You must register each child individually


Frequently Asked Questions About Offseason Training

How long is each training session?

Each training session is  around 55 minutes long.  Please plan to arrive early so that you can be ready to train on time.


What should players bring?

Each player should bring a soccer ball that is the appropriate size for their age, and water.

Ages 4-7: size 3 ball

Ages 8-12: size 4 ball

Ages 13+: size 5 ball


Do players get anything for signing up?

Each winter, players who sign up for the full winter training package of 17 weeks will get an Adidas Cimatech Soccer Skills School training shirt.  If you received one for the Winter 2018/19 training season, you will get another one for the Winter 2019/20 training season.


How can I sign up?

Please visit the Book Online page to book and pay for a training package.  


Do you have a sibling discount?

We do have discounts for families with more than one child training with us. 


Can I pay at the field?

We much prefer all registrations and payments to be done online.  If you plan to pay at the field, please arrive early so that you are able to do so prior to the class starting.  Class sizes are limited, and waiting to register and pay in person on the first day of class means you may be risking not being able to register if spots have already filled up.

Form of payment?

All payment should be done online on the registration page. If you need to pay in person, please plan to use a card.


What if my son or daughter is new to soccer?

Do not worry if your child is new to soccer.  Our coaches love to inspire players and really enjoy working with players who are new to the game.


What if I'm not sure if my son or daughter will like Soccer Skills School?

Everyone loves Soccer Skills School, but if we have room, you can contact us and we can make arrangements for you to drop in for a single training session and see how it goes.


Do players need to be in shape?

Players do not need to be in shape.  They will never do cardio and most games and exercises are short in duration and will be played in small confined areas.


Do players practice heading the ball?

Soccer Skills School never teaches or practices headers and does not allow headers for players at any age.


Do you have separate classes for girls?

We do not have separate classes for girls at this time.  Much of the training is individualized with players controlling their own ball.  Exercises at the end of classes will usually be short competitive small-sided games of various types where boys and girls will be competing together.  If there is enough demand, we may create specific sessions for girls, however, we firmly believe there is a big benefit with skills and confidence in the long run when girls compete with boys.


What if my son or daughter forgot to bring their soccer ball?

We will have high-quality soccer balls in all sizes for players to use during their training session.  


Are shinguards required?

Shin guards are not required but are recommended for players at all levels.

(312) 731-4876

Sycamore, IL, USA

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